BOSS: Business Owner Success Series

Provide Fredericksburg area small business owners with practicable, actionable advice.

Small Business Owner Success Series in Fredericksburg Virginia

The Business Owner Success Series (BOSS) is designed specifically to provide Fredericksburg area small business owners with practical, actionable advice. We bring in experts to share guidelines, tips, and answer specific questions to help us improve our businesses. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at noon at our office.

  • Small Business – Each topic will be designed specifically for micro businesses and the unique challenges we face.
  • Practical – Each presentation will be clearly “real world” and not magical fantasy land.
  • Actionable – Each presentation will include or guide you to develop your own “to do” action items before you leave.
  • Expert – Each speaker will be an expert in their field with real-world experience to back it up.
  • Applicable – Each presentation will include 10+ minutes for Q&A so you can get clarification or ask the expert for insight directly into your personal business challenges.

Meeting Details

  • Day: On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  • Location: Held at Websites For Anything. 10822 Courthouse Road Fredericksburg, VA 22408
  • Time: Lunch is served at 11:45. Presentation begins at 12 noon and ends at 1pm.
  • Cost: FREE! Lunch is included also.

No Selling

  • No Selling – Speakers are not pitching, they are here to educate.
  • Please Network – We encourage you to meet one another and share what you do!




If you’re planning to attend an upcoming seminar please let us know here. While you’re welcome to join us unannounced, having a head count helps us be better prepared (and make sure everyone gets fed!)

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Upcoming Topics

Leverage LinkedIn

Leverage LinkedIn

October 13th, 2020
11:45am – 1pm
(Facebook Live Event)

  • The Why and How of “Recommendations”
  • How messaging has changed on LI
  • How to use LinkedIn to get more business

Starting with the top areas of your LinkedIn profile that are MUST, Linda will teach how to use LinkedIn to grow your business. She’ll explain the benefit of Recommendations, and how to both get them and give them properly. She’ll also explain why (and how) you should use LinkedIn face-to-face, so be sure to come with the LinkedIn app pre-installed on your phone. Linda will also go over Hashtags, and updating your profile.

Speaker: Linda Clevenger

Linda Clevenger began using Social Media (especially LinkedIn) in 2008 to help grow her connections and build her business. She has become a Certified LinkedIn Profile Writer and incorporated LinkedIn training into her services to businesses. Linda has trained many companies and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. She calls LinkedIn “Networking on Steroids”.

She launched Organization Direct after over 20 years of working in management in corporate America. Since 2007 years she has been helping businesses get organized. Her passion is helping families and businesses make decisions that will ease their stress and anxiety to live the life that they deserve.

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Business Owner’s Endgame

Business Owner’s Endgame

November 10th, 2020
11:45am – 1pm
(Facebook Live Event)

  • Realistic retirement numbers for business owners
  • What is the cashflow advantage
  • 3 Steps to beginning your endgame as a business owner

Ryan will present some realistic numbers for retirement, and explain why they are probably higher than you think. He’ll go over two HUGE financial advantages available to business owners, and how to identify if you are leveraging those correctly for YOUR situation. QUESTIONS ARE ENCOURAGED!! He’ll then dive into deeper detail to explain the Cashflow advantage, and close with 3 action items – next steps we need to take.

Speaker: Ryan Wall

As the oldest in a family of 10 children, Ryan Wall attributes his drive to the example of his parents and working on a family farm during his teenage years. While he has earned his MBA, his career experience is also noteworthy – and includes work as a Stockbroker, a College Admissions Rep, a VP/Comptroller, and a Workforce Development Advisor.

Ryan volunteers as a District Chairman for the Boy Scouts serving Fredericksburg, Spotsy, King George, and Caroline County here in Virginia.

As the Regional VP of Primerica Financial Services, he and his team help their clients earn more, protect their assets, and achieve financial independence.

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Thousands of B2B Leads

Thousands of B2B Leads

December 8th, 2020
12:00pm – 1pm
(Facebook Live Event)

  • Find the email address for local B2B leads that match your target profile
  • Surface your most likely to convert leads with simple, automated scoring
  • Simple automation to turn those email addresses into sales using HIGHLY personalized email sequences

Pack your local B2B lead pipeline and automate outreach! Jeff Garland is a Zoho One Expert who has used a creative solution to generate thousands of B2B leads for himself. He’ll be sharing the process he’s followed to find all those leads, get their proper email address, and create a positive inbound marketing system that keeps him busy with new leads every week!

Beginning with finding the perfect leads from multiple sources, we will move onto the basics and benefits of having leads in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Next is covering technical setup for cold emailing with email sequence template ideas. Finally, we wrap up with advanced marketing automation systems. This presentation will be somewhat technical in nature.

Speaker: Jeff Garland

Jeff has 25 years of technical experience working as a lead systems engineer, chief information officer, and software developer for some of the largest nonprofits in Washington DC. He founded FBurgCRM in 2019. FBurgCRM provides digital transformation services consulting to micro-businesses primarily through the use of Zoho One technologies. Jeff repeats – “Just centralize and automate”!

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