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Our Team

Meet the folks that are here to help you maximize your website
 Josh Walton, President of Websites For Anything

Josh Walton


Quality Assurance


Josh has always had an obsession with computers and technology. As a teenager, he was introduced to small business and entrepreneurship by his Aunt and Uncle who have always been self-employed go-getters. Growing up Josh saw the independence they had and knew someday he wanted that for himself.

Now as the President of Websites For Anything Josh is pursuing his personal mission to “help small business owners, in tangible ways, achieve financial freedom and live a fulfilling life.” Since 2012, Josh has invested himself at the intersection of his two passions – technology and business.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, Client Representative at Websites For Anything

Kristin Kirkpatrick

Client Representative

Website Design-Build
Project Management


As a Client Representative, Kristin works directly with Clients to create their new website or update their design. She guides the Client through the Kickoff and Review meetings, answers questions and receives the content, oversees the production team, keeps the Client informed on what we need from them, and ensures the website gets completed in timely manner without sacrificing quality.

Having been a small business owner herself for over a decade, and with 10 years of project management experience before that, Kristin just “gets it”. She understands the challenges and goals of our clients, and helps ensure our team creates just what they need.

Antonella Membreno, Creative Director at Websites For Anything

Antonella Membreno

Support Supervisor

Hosting & Support
Customer Service
Social Media & Newsletters
Reviews & Business Listings


Antonella joined our team in 2016 as a Social Media Specialist. Since then she has incredibly expanded her skillset to be able to better and more quickly service our clients, rising to the position of Support Supervisor.

Antonella oversees most of the routine changes to client websites, and works with or developers for the more technical requests, helping our clients keep their websites up-to-date. She oversees our client newsletter programs and the monthly planning and execution of their social media. Antonella also sets up and maintains the review builder and business listing plans for clients as well as answering customer questions about billing or services when they arise.