November 5th, 2019
11:45am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

  • 3 LOW costs ways to market for a HIGH return.
  • 23 specific examples of free or low-cost advertising.
  • How to set and achieve REALISTIC marketing goals.

When starting a business cash flow is important. As you come up with new ways to inform your market about your product or service it is imperative to be able to make every marketing dollar spent have the best return possible. Aaron is going to reveal three key ways he has been able to accomplish that in his business.

Speaker: Aaron Rayford

Aaron Rayford (owner of Race Marketing) has been marketing for small businesses in the Fredericksburg area for approximately 12 years. With a degree in Business Marketing from Liberty University he has been able to apply this knowledge directly to his families other business, Little Fish Swimming. Starting out with little to no marketing budget, Aaron learned the value of low cost high return marketing strategies. He is passionate about relational marketing and building relationships with others in business who can be each others best proponents.