December 8th, 2020
12:00pm – 1pm
(Facebook Live Event)

  • Find the email address for local B2B leads that match your target profile
  • Surface your most likely to convert leads with simple, automated scoring
  • Simple automation to turn those email addresses into sales using HIGHLY personalized email sequences

Pack your local B2B lead pipeline and automate outreach! Jeff Garland is a Zoho One Expert who has used a creative solution to generate thousands of B2B leads for himself. He’ll be sharing the process he’s followed to find all those leads, get their proper email address, and create a positive inbound marketing system that keeps him busy with new leads every week!

Beginning with finding the perfect leads from multiple sources, we will move onto the basics and benefits of having leads in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Next is covering technical setup for cold emailing with email sequence template ideas. Finally, we wrap up with advanced marketing automation systems. This presentation will be somewhat technical in nature.

Speaker: Jeff Garland

Jeff has 25 years of technical experience working as a lead systems engineer, chief information officer, and software developer for some of the largest nonprofits in Washington DC. He founded FBurgCRM in 2019. FBurgCRM provides digital transformation services consulting to micro-businesses primarily through the use of Zoho One technologies. Jeff repeats – “Just centralize and automate”!

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