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BOSS: Business Owner Success Series

Provide Fredericksburg area small business owners with practicable, actionable advice.

Small Business Owner Success Series in Fredericksburg Virginia

The Business Owner Success Series (BOSS) is designed specifically to provide Fredericksburg area small business owners with practical, actionable advice. We bring in experts to share guidelines, tips, and answer specific questions to help us improve our businesses. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at noon.

  • Business Owner – Each topic will be designed specifically for micro business owners and the unique challenges we face.
  • Practical – Each presentation will be clearly “real world” and not magical fantasy land.
  • Actionable – Each presentation will include or guide you to develop your own “to do” action items before you leave.
  • Expert – Each speaker will be an expert in their field with real-world experience to back it up.
  • Applicable – Each presentation will include 10+ minutes for Q&A so you can get clarification or ask the expert for insight directly into your personal business challenges.


Meeting Details

  • On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  • Meeting begins at 12 noon. Arrive early to network and grab your meal.
  • Lunch is included or bring your own if you prefer.
  • FREE – The meeting and lunch are provided at no charge.


No Selling

  • No Selling – Speakers are not pitching, they are here to educate.
  • Please Network! – We encourage you to meet one another and share what you do!




If you’re planning to attend an upcoming seminar please let us know here. While you’re welcome to join us unannounced, having a head count helps us be better prepared (and make sure everyone gets fed!)



Upcoming Topics

Processing Time

Processing Time

June 4th, 2019
11:45am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

  • Five real-life lessons.
  • How to setup processes that save your business money.
  • How to find the right process to improve.

John is going to cover the core principles of identifying and setting up a successful process in your small business. The presentation will be centered helping us learn from solutions to real life problems, and then explaining the category of the problem that was solved. In that way, we’ll immediately be able to judge if we’re able to take the lesson and apply it ourselves.

Speaker: John Gillespie

John Gillespie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Resource Management and a Graduate Degree in Management from Troy University. He is a certified Program Management Professional, Six Sigma Green Belt and Air Force Master Instructor. John has 35 years of experience in project management, leadership, human capital management, and consulting, where he has been recognized for his analytical, communication and time management skills. Currently, John is the Founder and CEO of Exemplar, LLC a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business management consulting firm, designed to “Make Businesses Better.” Exemplar optimizes businesses by streamlining processes and being the honest broker for decision making.

PARKING: When it comes to parking some events are quite full so please double-park IN OUR LOT unless otherwise instructed by a member of our team

5 Bookkeeping Screwups

5 Bookkeeping Screwups

June 18th, 2019
11:45am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

  • About transactions
  • About payroll and owner pay
  • About downloading and reconciling accounts

This presentation will help us uncover common mistakes small business owners make with their books. In addition to a range of tips, Shelley will discuss how to identify, correct, and prevent some of the errors she sees most often. As always, we’ll leave a little time for Q&A as well.

Speaker: Shelley Kasten

Shelley Kasten, Owner & CEO of Not Just Numbers, is a Full-Charge Bookkeeper and has been in the accounting industry since 2005. She has been an Enrolled Agent with the IRS since 2016. A QuickBooks™ ProAdvisor since 2009, she loves it when her customers are able to take back to their own businesses everything they learned and incorporate the info effectively.

PARKING: When it comes to parking some events are quite full so please double-park IN OUR LOT unless otherwise instructed by a member of our team.

Profit as a Sponsor

Profit as a Sponsor

July 2nd, 2019
11:45am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

  • Difference between Sponsorship VS Advertising
  • Strategies for profiting as a sponsor
  • How to establish your sponsorship program

Johnnie will be covering the 360 Degree potential profitability of sponsorship. She’ll compare and contrast sponsorship with advertising and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of sponsorship. She’ll reveal what it takes to take a sponsorship from a pure “give back” and turn it into a mutually beneficial opportunity – netting more for both your business and whoever you’ve chosen to sponsor! Lastly she’ll go over planning, strategy, and the power of establishing a sponsorship program for your business.

Speaker: Johnnie Lloyd

Johnnie Lloyd is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, facilitator, mom, and GiGi specializing in money and leadership – especially people and communication. She has over 40 years of mid and executive level experience, is a financial guru, and is known for unveiling awareness through proven, practical, relatable principles for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Johnnie provides inspirational keynotes that provoke and empower. She creates and facilitates mastermind alliance groups for small businesses and specializes in leadership development and transformation. She is an International John Maxwell Certified speaker, coach, trainer and Napoleon Hill Certified Instructor. Her mantra is “You are Fire When You are Focused” ®.

PARKING: When it comes to parking some events are quite full so please double-park IN OUR LOT unless otherwise instructed by a member of our team.

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