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BOSS: Business Owner Success Series

Provide Fredericksburg area small business owners with practicable, actionable advice.

Small Business Owner Success Series in Fredericksburg Virginia

The Business Owner Success Series (BOSS) is designed specifically to provide Fredericksburg area small business owners with practical, actionable advice. We bring in experts to share guidelines, tips, and answer specific questions to help us improve our businesses. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at noon.

  • Business Owner – Each topic will be designed specifically for micro business owners and the unique challenges we face.
  • Practical – Each presentation will be clearly “real world” and not magical fantasy land.
  • Actionable – Each presentation will include or guide you to develop your own “to do” action items before you leave.
  • Expert – Each speaker will be an expert in their field with real-world experience to back it up.
  • Applicable – Each presentation will include 10+ minutes for Q&A so you can get clarification or ask the expert for insight directly into your personal business challenges.


Meeting Details

  • On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  • Meeting begins at 12 noon. Arrive early to network and grab your meal.
  • Lunch is included or bring your own if you prefer.
  • FREE – The meeting and lunch are provided at no charge.


No Selling

  • No Selling – Speakers are not pitching, they are here to educate.
  • Please Network! – We encourage you to meet one another and share what you do!




If you’re planning to attend an upcoming seminar please let us know here. While you’re welcome to join us unannounced, having a head count helps us be better prepared (and make sure everyone gets fed!)



Upcoming Topics

BOSS Make More Time with Latrice Claiborne

April 17th, 2018
11:30am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

Virtual Assistance

As small business owners & operators we are just so VERY busy! We need to get more done and we need more time to do it in! Thankfully there are ways to do this! This presentation will talk about how to get more done and “level up” to the more important work so you can GROW your business and reclaim time with family and friends! We’ll look at outsourcing options and ways to use them in ANY small business to save time. Image having even just 4 more hours a week to do something better with your time!

Speaker: Latrice Claiborne

Latrice Claiborne and her husband are professional wedding photographers in Northern Virginia. In addition Latrice is the CEO of the professional virtual assisting firm Trinity Admin Solutions (www.TrinityAdminSolutions.com). Located here in Fredericksburg, their company provides business support services to small business owners – helping them organize and grow their business.

Driving Sales Digitally Chris Muldrow BOSS May 1st

May 1st, 2018
11:30pm – 1pm
(lunch is included)

Driving Sales Digitally

Is your business generating new prospects and customers through the internet? Are you getting the most from your website, online ads, and social media? If you don’t know where to be begin – here is an opportunity to learn! Chris Muldrow will discuss how content plays a critical role in your online marketing, how to get started, and how to put yourself on a system that works!

Speaker: Chris Muldrow

Chris Muldrow is a pioneer in local Internet media. He started designing Web sites in the mid 1990s and was the founding editor of Fredericksburg.com. Chris has since built technology and guided content and revenue strategy for online newspapers across the country. Additionally he has spoken at both regional & national economic development and news industry conferences.

Chris currently serves as a community leader in roles with several local nonprofits. His company Rambletype Digital works directly with local businesses to manage large-scale digital ad campaigns and social media marketing. Chris is also a trained journalist and editor who has worked with newsrooms and other organizations to build traffic through great content online.

Topic to be determined

May 15th, 2018
11:30pm – 1pm
(lunch is included)

Lease Or Buy

More details coming soon. Got a topic on which you’d love to hear from an expert? Call 540-376-7008 or email [email protected].

Speaker: Dave Herold

More details coming soon.

Previous Topics

BOSS Pump Your Pipeline with Mac Church

April 3rd, 2018
12pm – 1pm
(doors open at 11:30 for lunch)

Pump Your Pipeline

Creating a pipeline of new customers is the dream… and the challenge. Yet Mac Church has done it successfully for several years. Even having switched companies and worked primarily as his own source of leads, Mac has consistently been a top producers. He will share with us his best tips and tricks, the processes and tools he uses, and the hard lessons he has learned along the way so we can avoid those too!

– How to build your referral pipeline.
– What works best as a single-person “company”
– How to get referrals going quickly.

Speaker: Mac Church

Mac Church has been in the mortgage business since 2004 and has closed over 3000 loans. He has been a top producer for the past 10 years and am on several Top Producer lists – both regionally and nationally. Seeing a customer receive the keys to their new home and seeing the sense of accomplishment on their faces makes the process so rewarding. Candor, integrity and dedication are attributes which allow Mac to create a long-lasting relationship with his customers well beyond the mortgage transaction. You can learn more about Mac on his website at Atlantic Coast Mortgage.

BOSS Do it yourself Great Facebook Videos with Mats Jerndal

March 20th, 2018
11:30am – 1pm

Great Facebook Videos (DIY)

Social media is one of the most powerful tools for attracting and keeping customers. And video is one of the most effective ways to do that. But many of us think that making good videos for Facebook requires professional cameras and experience. This is simply not true. Learn how to create great videos for Facebook from your smartphone! We’ll also discuss what to avoid, as well as creative ideas for your video content. Stop worrying and start videoing!

Speaker: Mats Jerndal

Swedish-born, Mats Jerndal started shooting black and white photos back in 1976. Eventually he had the opportunity to study in Paris, and his photography work complemented his later theater studies in California and NYC. Now, as a professional photographer and videographer Mats and his teams at Oddbox Studios (located in downtown Fredericksburg) have been providing high quality photo and video services to businesses, professionals, and brides in the Fredericksburg area since 2010.

BOSS Maximize Your Memberships with Maria Moore and Michelle Hughes

March 6th, 2018
12pm – 1pm
(doors open at 11:30 for lunch)

Maximize Your Memberships

Established networks like the Chamber, FABA, and Rotary can be incredible opportunities to grow your business. But they can also quickly become “one more thing to do”. How do you choose which events to attend? What tricks are there to getting the best value from your financial investment and more importantly, from your TIME investment? Our speakers have seen it done right, and seen it done wrong. Come learn from the experts just how to Maximize Your Memberships!

Speaker: Maria Moore

Maria was raised in Chantilly Virginia where she met her husband of 25 years. She attended George Mason University and then moved to Fredericksburg in 1993. She has owned a few businesses throughout the years and spent 10 years commuting to Fort Belvoir. Before coming to her current role as Executive Vice President of the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association, Maria worked as Marketing Director in the Fredericksburg for the past 10 years. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her two kids and boating on the lake.

Your Comfort Zone presented by Donella Fields at the Boss Series February 20th

February 20th, 2018
12pm – 1pm
(doors open at 11:30 for lunch)

Your Comfort Zone

Whether you have owned your business for 5 months, 5 years, or 5 decades, you have grown. Yet the number one limit on your future growth usually comes down to one thing – your comfort zone. This session will focus on identifying where your own comfort level is limiting your business and provide you with key strategies to expand your comfort zone and thereby grow your business. Most of what we want to accomplish in 2018 is just outside our comfort zone!

In this workshop you’ll learn how to…
– Identify where your comfort zone is limiting you.
– Overcome your comfort zone with focused strategies.
– Expand your business by focusing on yourself, not relying on others.

Speaker: Donella Fields

Born and raised in England, Donella Fields became a fashion business owner in her early twenties. She later served as the CEO of The Conley Agency Model & Talent Mgmt., where she mentored and coached up-and-coming models. Now as a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Donella Fields works one-on-one coaching business owners and professionals. She helps them by creating an intentional, powerful plan to help them gain clarity, interaction, and accountability on a weekly basis. She also presents to corporate teams and is a public events speaker.

BOSS Get More Referrals with Art Radtke

February 6th, 2018
12pm – 1pm

Get More Referrals

You have lots of happy customers. You have “strategic partners” you send business too. But despite how happy they seem, and no matter how much business you send their way… they never seem to refer you! How can you make yourself easier to refer? We’ve got the answer. These are ideas we’ve seen actually work for someone else. All you have to do is to take one or two of them, and apply them in YOUR business!

In this workshop you’ll learn how to…
– Triple the number of referrals you receive.
– Systemize the process of getting referrals.
– Become someone people Enjoy referring too.

Speaker: Art Radtke of More Prospects Now

Owner of More Prospects Now (a digital marketing firm) Art Radtke has many years of experience in the networking and marketing space. He has experience as Director of the largest region of BNI (an international networking organization), as a business consultant, and as a partner in several other business ventures.