September 1st, 2020
11:45am – 1pm
(Facebook Live Event)

  • How to plan your messaging to your customers and prospects
  • How to budget for your communications plan
  • How to execute a monthly plan in just a few hours

In the age of the Web and social media, every business has pressures to communicate to its existing and prospective customers. But it’s hard to know how to budget your money—and perhaps more importantly, your time—to get your message out.

Chris Muldrow has been in the publishing world for more than 25 years, and he can help with strategies and guidelines to “feed the beast” that is your business’s communication and advertising plan. He’ll explain how to create a communication plan, assemble the individual pieces, develop a budget, and push it out to the right channels.

Speaker: Chris Muldrow

Chris Muldrow is a pioneer in local Internet media. He started designing Web sites in the mid-1990s and was the founding editor of Chris has built technology and guided content and revenue strategy for online newspapers across the country and spoken at both regional & national economic development and news industry conferences.

Chris serves as a community leader in roles with several local nonprofits. As a trained journalist and editor, Chris works with organizations to build traffic through great content online. His company, Rambletype Digital, works directly with local businesses to manage digital ad campaigns and social media marketing.

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