Keeping up with Facebook and social media can be such a struggle.  We’ve heard many clients say “Seriously – who has time for that?”  Ironically, many of our clients also get most of their business by word-of-mouth referrals.  It’s our pleasure to show them how, at its core, good social media marketing in Fredericksburg is exactly the same thing: grass-roots small business growth.

Personal Relationships & Social Media

The greatest value of social media is simple – an extension of your existing social life. Utilizing these tools to follow up and stay engaged with colleagues & customers in a personal way will help you take your networking to the next level. That’s the real power & purpose of the social networks: using technology to support those real conversations and connections. You get the most long term results from Facebook and other social media services when you use it to continue conversations, pass referrals, and show support for others in your network.

Social Media Builds Repeat Customers

figure symbolizes repeating customer

One of the most common benefits to social media marketing is customer retention.

Following closely behind the benefits of extending personal relationships is getting repeat customers – our #2 benefit to social media platforms. No matter what business you are in, one of the highest costs (whether in time or dollars) is new customer acquisition. Encourage your customers to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels. They will see your messages from time to time, and be constantly reminded of the quality you provided them. Stay engaged with them and bring them back around for another go. Repeat customers are an amazing boost to your business – and a key to success!

Marketing Through Empowered Ambassadors

Customers that love your products, your results, and your excellent customer service, are in fact your most valuable resource. Social Media Marketing can be a great way to empower these ambassadors of your brand! By putting your content, your engaging conversation, and your team online where they can be easily accessed, you are making it simple and easy for them to refer you! When a friend or colleague is the right match for your services, they will know they can just casually and comfortably point them to your social page for information, validation, and to start the conversation!

Social Media Includes Content Marketing

While typically the least effective leg of social media marketing, cold marketing still warrants mentioning. Paid advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media services should be very intentional – not haphazard! We recommend highly focusing your target audience before starting an ad campaign. And unless you’re in the retail marketing, promote your content and helpful info to engage your audience rather than traditional, hard advertisements.

Hopefully we have shown you so many good things that Social Media Marketing can do for your small business in Fredericksburg!  The results are not quick-fix, but they can be very, very effective.  Get your company’s long-term growth started today and take advantage of the benefits of social media.  If you need help getting started (or keeping up!) drop by our office in Central Park or give us a call at (540) 376-7008 to learn more about our social media management services.

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