A business without sales is an expensive hobby.  But pursuing sales is a never-ending & exhausting undertaking.  As small business owners, it’s important that we find ways to be more efficient in our marketing and sales efforts.

Some business owners are hesitant to use automated processes because they believe that it will remove the personalized touch from their marketing and sales.  We don’t want your business to become a technological robot lacking human touch or personality.  We’re talking about automated process that will help you run your business in a more organized, efficient, and effective way – a win for both you and your customers.

Automated Recordings and Online Accounts

Businesses that deliver services nationwide may want to invest in an automated recording system to handle customer calls during off-hours.  It may be difficult for companies on the east to directly answer questions to clients on the west coast (and vice versa) due to the time difference.  Implementing an automated service to facilitate customer calls during off-hours will help customer relations and provide basic company information that customers might be looking for.

An image of a digital login screen with a person in the background touching the login button.

Businesses that have options to create online account for their customers can dramatically increase customer satisfaction.

If setting up an automated recording system doesn’t exactly float your boat, then consider providing customers the information they need through your website.  Your website is an invaluable tool when it comes to your business.  Saturating your website with relevant information as well as a FAQ section can provide customers exactly what they are looking for.  Let us know if you need some help with web page setup.

Automated Social Media

Social media is an important part of modern day marketing strategies for small businesses.  Developing intriguing posts and interacting with your customers on social media websites is a great platform for announcing sales, showcasing new products, and keeping in touch with the community.  Unfortunately, many times this gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.   There are services like Hootsuite, which is a social media account management system that can help schedule posts.  Check out this article on 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Hootsuite.  If you need a more personal and more time-saving approach, take a look at our Social Media Management services.

Automated Marketing Solutions

An automated marketing platform will help increase the efficiency of the business as well as streamline sales.  It can also automate repetitive processes of sending out emails, newsletters, and announcements.  Check out HubSpot’s: What is Marketing Automation for a great explanation of marketing automation.

Increasing your company’s visibility on the Internet through search engine optimization (SEO) is another great marketing technique for any business.   Taking advantage of SEO will help your business pop-up on the first page of Google, giving it a competitive edge.  Are you clueless about SEO or online marketing?  Don’t fret!  Fortunately, we provide services to help automate SEO for our clients so they can streamline online marketing.

Pick One

We hope this has given you some ideas for how to automate the sales and marketing of your small business.  Instead of trying to do all these things at once, we highly recommend choosing just one to start today and finish by this time next week.  Are you already using one of these automation methods?  Tell us how that’s been working out for you using the comment box below!