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May 15th, 2018
11:45am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

Profit First

If you’re like most bootstrap business owners, your business is an out-of-control cash-eating monster. This presentation will explain how bigger is not necessarily better, how to get out of the survival trap, and how traditional accounting is killing your business. We’ll explain how to take the fact that Cash Is King and apply it very very practically to your business – taming the monster once and for all!

Learn How To…
– Tame your cash-eating monster of a business
– Assess the health of your business
– Find money within your business

Speaker: Josh Walton

Since he was ten years old, Josh has had an obsession with computers and technology. As a teenager, he was introduced to small business and entrepreneurship by his Uncle. Uncle Jack and Aunt Debbie still live in Richmond and have been a self-employed go-getters for over four decades. Growing up Josh saw the independence they had and knew some day he wanted that for himself.

Josh worked as a self-taught AutoCAD drafter and ‘leveled up’ to Manager. He taught himself 2 programming languages and wrote dozens of custom tools. Since 2012, Josh has invested himself at the intersection of his two passions – technology and business. With Websites For Anything he is achieving his purpose in life — “to help small business owners use technology to grow their business and achieve greater success.”