Many times it can be hard to get a straight answer for “what is the price of search engine optimization?”  This is not necessarily a bad thing!  It’s important that you clarify what benefit your particular business is seeking and what it will take to achieve that.  True SEO is a customized process that is unique to each business.  As the challenges faced and the value received can vary, so can the price.

So what does SEO cost?

Search engine optimization a critical marketing method for modern businesses to grow (or even survive) in 2015 and beyond.  With great benefits like more leads, better qualified prospects, brand awareness, and long-term ripple effects – search engine optimization provides amazing values.  It’s also a significant challenge to do correctly, requiring an understanding of your business, the customer, marketing, web technology, search engines, writing, and more.  As such, the cost of SEO is usually $500/month and up.  The actual investment needed varies depending on the competition in the industry, the size of the target, and the value of the results.

If you receive offers to perform SEO for less than $500 per month – be aware that you are likely receiving partial or minimal effort service.  Likely the more challenging but more powerful aspects of proper search engine optimization are not included because corners must simply be cut.  You may even be hiring someone who is using outdated or short-term tactics that will eventually come back to haunt you.

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How much is more business worth to you?