There a lot of ways that a website can benefit your business in Fredericksburg, Virginia. If one of your goals is to be found on Google then you need to make sure that you consider this as you plan and build your website. Here are the 5 most important things to consider as you begin pursuing high ranking organic placement on search engine results in Fredericksburg.

Know what people are searching for

One of the worst mistakes business owners in Fredericksburg sometimes make is assuming that they know what their potential customers are searching for Google. It’s absolutely critical to get started by aiming at the right target. So the first step in building a search engine optimized website for your local business is to make sure you’re pursuing the right keywords. You should talk to existing clients and use tools like the Google Keyword Planner to make sure you know what people are actually searching for. Don’t just guess!

Start with a good foundation in code and outline

The next goal in building a search engine optimized website is to make sure you lay a strong foundation. Make sure your website is built on modern technology and code. Specifically try to use something like WordPress which is frequently updated and will help you keep the code current and increase your site’s longevity. Also reflect on your keyword research and your company’s overall goals to create a big picture outline of your site. To create a website that gets found in Fredericksburg Virginia you must start with a firm foundation and a good overall vision.

Publish quality content with reliable frequency

Update your website content regularly. At a bare minimum, review your website content and make changes once per quarter. But for 95% of local business websites in Fredericksburg there is no better on-site search engine optimization tool then a weekly blog post.  The key here is to select blog topics that are both of interest or value to your customer base, as well as naturally include those keywords the earlier research led you to.  And keep it steady – One time a week, same day every week.

Engage on all channels

The last two pieces of SEO don’t actually involve your website directly.  But the omniscient Google will see… and will know.  Steady activity on other channels such as social media will slowly build you brand presence with both the community and the search engines.  Begin building your online presence in Fredericksburg Virginia by selecting and building your online profiles one-by-one.  For most businesses this is, by (realistic) priority:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIN or Yelp
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram or Pinterest
  5. YouTube

We highly recommend starting these up one by one.  Don’t try and reach out on everything at once.  Pick one a month to create and develop. For more on getting your social media presence going see our series written to help local businesses in Fredericksburg get started marketing on Facebook

Acquire outside authentication

Lastly, and most valuably, your website will benefit by getting brownie points passed to it by other quality websites.  Imagine how good your company would look if it had an article on that touted you as an expert?  This is the kind of thing we’re talking about.  Regularly acquiring links to your website from other highly ranked websites, especially those in your field, will have a large long-term impact on the search engine ranking of any website in Fredericksburg.