When someone follows a link to your website, you want them to be sure you capture that lead! You want them to understand what you do, who you are, and what makes you different from your competition. Sometimes this can be accomplished with a tagline, but sometimes there’s more to it. Ultimately, one of the most important parts to capturing leads on your website is being clear.

First Impression

The first impression potential leads receive from your website becomes the determining factor of whether they stay or leave. Upon first glance, people should be able to easily understand what it is that you do, how you do it, ways you are different, and how to contact you. Ask yourself, when they see your website, what kind of impression do they get of your company? Do they see you as a professional? Does your website accurately reflect the quality of your work and the type of business you are in? For example, a website that uses primary colors, a fun font, and pictures of babies works well to represent a childcare company but would create a huge disconnect on a government contractors website.

Thoughtful Content

Another way to be clear is to ensure that the wording and pictures you select for your website complement each other. If you are creating a website for a business that builds houses, then you don’t want to choose pictures that do not have to do with building houses. Pictures of anything else don’t belong and could drive away potential business. If someone gets to your website and is confused by the visual styles then you’re not being clear enough.

Consistent Branding

The company name or brand logo should be prominently displayed on the front page. This is one of the most important things to have front and center because it tells the visitor who you are. You also want to have your primary products and/or services listed briefly and accompanied by matching graphics or photos. This ensures that the visitor easily understands what you do and how you do it. It’s also important to display information that shows why you are different from other businesses. This can be a range of things including quality, speed, price, mission, and values.

Strong Call To Action

Lastly, you should have a “call to action” on your website, which is what you want the visitor to do moving forward. Again, this will vary from business to business but could be something like “request a quote” or “call for an appointment.” Having your location and phone number clearly visible is also beneficial to capturing leads. Any other information that you would like to have on your website, such as a biography or business history, can go on other clearly labeled tabs that are accessible from the front page.

Overall, clarity is the first and most important part of capturing leads through your website. When it’s easy to understand who you are, what you do, and why you’re different, you’re setting yourself up to hear from more leads and see an increase in business.