Have you recently heard that “You should get a website for your business?”  Whether that advice came unsolicited, from a friend, or at your request from a trusted advisor, the question remains…  “Can a website help me grow my business in Fredericksburg?”  Depending on your business and what you do with your website there are a variety of ways that a website can be a catalyst for growth.

Authenticate Your Business

Every business can benefit from the authentication that a website provides.  By having a website you are telling potential clients that you’re a real business.   You’re not someone who’s going to take their money and run.  Having a website listed on your business cards, magnets, and invoices provides proof that your business is authentic.  In the case of a website for a government contractor near Quantico in Stafford Virginia this may be the only benefit required.  But for most businesses in the Fredericksburg area there are stronger reasons to have a website.

Easy Access to Product & Service Descriptions

Any organization can utilize their website to provide a ‘brochure’ of information.  You can point your leads and referrals to your website to learn about your business.  In fact, many people seeking your services will go there first to learn about what you offer and to compare you to the competition, before they ever call you!

For most small businesses in the Fredericksburg area your website can go a step further.  By using photos and testimonials, the website can demonstrate your businesses ability to produce results.  Before & After photos provide evidence of the quality of your work.  Having real client testimonials can dramatically influence a potential lead and convince them of your quality.

Qualify Leads

This is an often overlooked benefit of a website.  By having pricing right on your website, you can reduce the number of leads that can’t afford to engage your services, or those ‘price shoppers’ just looking for the best deal.  This means that many of the leads which contact you because of the website have already prequalified themselves!

Convert Interested Customers

By featuring your phone number or having a clear Call To Action combined with a ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Get A Quote’ form, your website can help you gather truly interested customers for your Fredericksburg business.  When someone visits your website, likes what they see, and is both qualified and interested in what you provide, a good website makes it easy for them to reach out to you and request a consultation, estimate, or more information!

Grow Your Brand

Lastly having an informative, helpful, and up-to-date website is good for the growth of your business because of the human element.  Unlike a business card or brochure, your website can be shared digitally.  Friends and partners can e-mail a link or share it on Facebook or Twitter.  A happy customer may happily refer you years from now, but not have your business card on hand.  By having a website, you keep that possibility alive.

Yes, A Website Can Help Your Business Grow in Fredericksburg

Please contribute!  Use the comments box below to share some other ways a website can help your business grow.  To get a better idea of how these benefits are achieved, read about the 6 Elements That Make Up a Great Website.