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Recently my wife and I had some work done on our house by two local home repair specialists.  Both are based here in Fredericksburg.  Both provided quality service.  But one stood out.  If you have a quote provided or a roofing job done by Kevin’s Roofing you’ll probably find the same thing we did in your mailbox the next week.

On a the front of a carefully folded sheet of premium quality paper is the Kevin’s Roofing logo.  Inside you will find two business cards inserted, and a simple printed thank you note, hand-signed by Kevin himself.

Attention To Detail

This simple, inexpensive note serves as a powerful marketing tool.  Every detail here matters.

First, the mere arrival of the note itself sets their company apart.  Have you ever received a thank you note from a business in Fredericksburg?  I can only recall twice it has happened to me, and the other was after purchasing an engagement ring!

Secondly, the quality of the paper speaks volumes.  Paper is so cheap, yet spending a few extra cents on premium paper says something very important about the entire company.  It says “we believe in quality and doing things right.”  Whether it’s logical or not, the weight of that paper in my hands and the clear attention to quality here immediately increases my confidence in the quality of the roof over my head.

Consistency by System

Thirdly, the printed text and the hand-signed card communicate two things.  As intelligent human beings, we know that every customer gets one of these cards, and that all the cards are probably the same.  We know that they are produced en masse, and that Kevin probably signs a stack of them while sitting in front of the TV on a Friday night.  But we understand that.  He’s a busy business owner.  What’s important is that he has intentionally created a system so that every customer receives a prompt “Thank You”.

A Referral Tool

Lastly, each card has a cut out and inserted are two Kevin’s Roofing business cards.  This a smart business move.  How many Kevin’s Roofing cards are in the junk drawer in how many houses around Fredericksburg?  How many neighbors will be handed one of these over the holidays this winter or at a summer bonfire?  Including two business cards with the note makes it easy for happy and appreciated customers to pass along a referral.

Be Thankful to your Customers

Maybe you already have a system in place like this and maybe you don’t.  Regardless, Thanksgiving Day is coming.  Consider this your final reminder!  You’ve only got a few weeks to get your cards bought, signed, and in the mail.  Don’t forget to thank your customers this year!  And if your roof is leaking or your house is cold, call Kevin’s Roofing of Fredericksburg at (540) 373-2463.  They’ll do it right the first time and you’ll get a thank you note soon after!

Due to COVID-19 precautions please call 540-376-7008 or email [email protected].