I was curious. So I asked it.

I asked ChatGPT “What are five problems you might have with a website made for a small business where the website is now 5 years old”

Here’s what it replied…

1. Outdated design: A website that is 5 years old may look outdated and unappealing to visitors, leading to a poor user experience. If the website’s design hasn’t been updated in the past five years, it might lack responsiveness, which makes it difficult to use on mobile devices.

2. Poor functionality: A website that is five years old might not have the latest features and functionalities required to meet the current needs of the business and its customers. This may include outdated software, slow page loading speeds, and limited search capabilities, among other things.

3. Security vulnerabilities: A website that hasn’t been updated regularly over the past five years may be vulnerable to cyber attacks and other security breaches, which could compromise the sensitive data of the business and its customers.

4. Ineffective content: The content on a website that is five years old may be outdated, inaccurate, or irrelevant, causing visitors to lose interest and leave the website. This could include outdated information, irrelevant blog posts, and poorly written copy.

5. Poor search engine optimization (SEO): A website that is five years old may not be optimized for search engines, making it difficult for potential customers to find the website. This may include missing or poor-quality meta descriptions, broken links, and poor keyword optimization.

That sounds about right!