To get the as much done as possible in your small business you need ways to simplify your Facebook marketing.  We understand the value that can be had from leveraging social media and that being efficient is critical.  There simply isn’t time to waste.  Now that you’ve passed the minimum requirements for Facebook marketing and are getting accustomed with basic techniques, it’s time to focus on efficiency.  We’ve got 3 hands-on ways to simplify your Facebook marketing.  This is part three of four in our Facebook Marketing series.

Schedule Posts

Schedule your postDid you know that you can pre-write your Facebook posts and schedule them to launch at a later date and time?  When it comes to being efficient, this is a very powerful tool.  Scheduling your posts allows you to sit down once a week and take care of all your Facebook posts for the entire week!  After typing up the content and uploading your image, click the drop-down arrow next to ‘Post’ and select ‘Schedule post’.  From there you can choose the exact date and time you want your post to go out.

Create 1 Repeatable Post

When promoting your business on Facebook, it’s important to stay current and engaging.  That being said, you can still simplify the process by having 1 repeatable post.  This is more like advertising in the paper than engaging socially, but still has some minimal viability on social media.  Create a few variations on it (including images), schedule it’s delivery, and move on.

Create Some Simple Formulas

In your efforts to post regularly and frequently, you need to find ways to do so quickly.  One way to accomplish that is with simple multi-part formulas.  This can make the actual writing of posts a quick, repeatable process.  This will play out a little dirrently for everyone.  As a basic example, a restaurant might want to post their lunch special daily.  The formula for their 11:45 post might be:  Happy [Day_of_week]!  Today only the [special_offer] combo is just $[price]!  Bring a friend for your lunch break or call (540) 123-4567 for delivery! [PHOTO_OF_SANDWICH].  With some simple formula like this your Facebook posts can be created on the fly with hardly a thought!

This is Part 3 of 4 in our Facebook Marketing series.  Click for part one or two.

Take some time this week to apply these ideas to simplifying your Facebook marketing.  Next week, in the final article in our series, we’ll take on the final step: creating a Facebook marketing system.  After adding these tips for simplification to the basic techniques we covered last week, you’ll be ready to turn the entire process into a grassroots marketing machine!