A quality website isn’t all about the sale – it should continue to be a helpful resource for former, recurring/ongoing, AND potential new clients.

For many small businesses, summer kicks off their busy season. At this point in the year, you might be less worried about generating new business and more focused on your team’s bandwidth. A few simple website updates can help!


If your team spends a lot of time answering the same couple questions over and over, make that info accessible via your website. This has SO MANY benefits. It saves your staff time, sure. But it also makes your customers life easier. And prospects see this! They see you BEING HELPFUL. They don’t have to call, schedule, pay, or anything to experience that you are a thoughtful, caring, HELPFUL company! You can say “we love helping our customers” until you’re blue in the face but actions speak louder than words! FAQs are ACTIONS!

Updated Portfolio

People really rely on visuals when making buying decisions. Make sure your portfolio reflects the CURRENT goals of your biz. Are they all recent projects that match current style trends? Are they all the kinds of projects you want to take on (don’t showcase something you wouldn’t want to sell again!)?

For example: if you’re a contractor, make sure your portfolio doesn’t feature materials you can’t access right now, or an ultra-custom, labor-intensive project you don’t have the bandwidth to take on.

Strategic Call To Action (CTA)

What is the most helpful way for someone to get in touch with your biz? Do you want them to call your front office, or email a generic inbox? Probably not. Creating a short, easy website form not only collects helpful info, but allows your team to manage follow up and outreach .

Test Things

During your busy season, the last thing you want to do is spend extra time fielding questions after someone “tried to do this on your website but…”. Take a quick inventory of your website on a desktop as well as on your phone. Double check all the buttons work, forms come through, photos populate, text is readable, etc. Reviewing this one time so you can address any issues BEFORE a ton of people land on your website will save you hours down the line.

Been a while since you’ve updated your site? Website maintenance not your jam? We can help! We offer ongoing maintenance and unlimited content updates through our Advanced Support service. Learn more here and contact us if you need help getting things updated.