If you want your business or organization in Virginia to grow, you need to pay attention to this!  Google is testing some new things with mobile searches and it directly affects us right here in Fredericksburg.

Why it matters

Google is always looking for ways to make life easier for the searcher (their user).  They are always striving to give the searcher the best results as quickly as possible.  Always keep that in mind as you develop your web presence.  Be producing truly helpful information and presenting it in an easy to use way.  The better and more consistently you do this, the more return you will get from your efforts over the long run.

Mobile Search Matters

Mobile search is growing.  We all know this.  Mobile search has been growing for a while.  And Google is keenly aware of that fact.  In the past couple weeks though, they’ve started to show their hand.  They are testing both ‘mobile-friendly’ and ‘not mobile-friendly’ indicators, in the form of icons and text, right in the search results.

Mobile Website in Fredericksburg

So what does this mean for a business in Fredericksburg?  Today, if someone is on their mobile device and they click through to your non-mobile-friendly website, maybe they tough it out.  (Most of the time they don’t.)  Pretty soon though, they won’t even click through.  It’s coming folks.  Soon, if Google doesn’t see your website as mobile friendly, they’re going to let the user know that right in their search results.  Thats better for the user – they don’t waste their time.  If your website is not mobile friendly, please, please address it soon.  It will make a huge difference in your online marketing!

If you need help with making your website mobile friendly in Fredericksburg, Virginia please contact us here.