As a small business owner in Fredericksburg, I find myself facing questions like this constantly. Deciding where to invest my time and marketing dollars is probably the scariest decision I have to make. Just in the past week I’ve had several conversations with friends and advisors about marketing decisions I need to make.  I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing.  It’s difficult, and it’s stressful.

Two of the best things we can do for ourselves when making an important marketing decision are gather information, and talk to advisors. My goal today is to help you with a bit of both.  In today’s world all business owners should very seriously consider marketing online, and that includes search engine optimization.

Can my business grow from search engines?

Nowadays, folks are searching online for all sorts of services in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, & Stafford area.  Getting a highly-ranked position on Google for those local searches is extremely advantageous to 3 particular types of businesses in our area including:

  • Home Services: plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc.
  • Home Improvement: painters, roofers, general contractors, home renovations, custom homes, etc.
  • Medical Professions: doctor offices, dentists, in-home care, etc.

Why does Google matter to my business?

Depending on your business, there can actually be different reasons why it is so highly beneficial for your company to be a first-page result on search engines.  For home services businesses SEO is especially important when targeting residential customers who are looking for an immediate solution.  In the home improvement sector on the other hand clients are slower to move and might be willing to dig a little deeper.  Still, you want to be one of those first calls, long before they get tired of the hunt.  In a high growth, high turnover area like Fredericksburg a medical practice needs to be found on-line if they want to grow or even just keep up!

What if I’m not on this list?

These business types have the most to gain from being a top search engine results.  They should be investing heavily in being found online.  But, most businesses should be doing something, even if it’s just in-house.  At the very least, have an SEO expert perform a review and update of your site every 6 months, be active on social media, and please, please blog once a month.  For more information on small business SEO in Fredericksburg read our other articles on search engine optimization or contact our office.