In the previous blog, we discussed how Relationship Websites encourage warm leads to cross into your digital doors, but how do we extend the engagement to offer continuous points of connection? While you are out and about building your business in the greater Fredericksburg area, you are actively dictating the nature of your relationships with your customers.

For micro-businesses, many new customers can be attributed to referrals –  friends, neighbors, and trusting clients who may have success stories with your services. They want to see this same quality and care offered to their friends and colleagues. Whether you are physically building decks and fences, or are strictly offering intangible or business services, trusted friendships are formed from completing these jobs. Getting referrals from these projects is one of the essential lifelines of your revenue stream, and a Relationship Website is the primary ambassador of your ability to follow through. Here are some ways you can tweak your presence to extend that peace of mind to warm referral leads who are armed with intrigue and high expectations.

This Company Seems Legit

The first thing many fresh referrals are doing is pulling up your site and making sure you appear legitimate. Are your pages clean and does your information check out? Giving your homepage, about section, services dossier, and company bios a deep and frequent, considerate edit will ensure that no outdated content is left to fester and that your online information reflects the vibrant living entity that is your micro-business. The last thing you would want is for a customer to be the one reporting an inconsistency between, let’s say, your Better Business Bureau listing for your established year and what you published on your company website.

Fresh, engaging, logistically correct, and up-to-date verbiage is the key to passing the “does this company seem legit?” test. We recommend you review and augment your core engagement pages at least every other month, or incidentally as the change occurs.

Research and Represent Your Customer Base

being introduced to a potential customerAnother essential facet turning over your warm referrals is showing them you understand their needs and who they are. You want them to walk away from the digital engagement convinced that you have the solution and they can trust you. Even the smallest business can greatly benefit from a little time spent count up customer demographics. What does your typical customer do? What is their average age? Are there any patterns emerging with their levels of income and personal interests? Even your daily operations will change for the better when you start to do the math about the kind of customers you serve.

Once you define who are you speaking with, the ideal manner in which to address this person will become apparent. This is absolutely critical, not only for the newcomers who want to be welcomed into a familiar world but for continued trust and understanding from your pre-existing customers – the ones upon whom you rely for those hot referrals. As an informed business for business website design, we suggest you carefully consider the tone, logical flow, and aesthetic layouts of online groups and entities with whom your customers are known to interact. Put more simply – go to the websites of successful companies that have a similar target customer, and look thoughtfully at what they are doing!

Do Not Allow your Online Presence to Become Stagnant

Once your Relationship Website is built, reflects the feel of the company and its customer base, and has info that can be trusted, what’s next? Often, we see these potential income-generating websites built, then just sit there. Not touched, updated, or looked at for months and even years. This inaction will inevitably pause the relationships that are meant to be kept warm. Business websites must be updated. Prices, products, and services change, (as well as the tech on the back end.)

Many of these functions are do-it-yourself. It’s not hard to make a lot of those updates yourself, because the tools are there and the training is available through our company or many online resources. However, we have noticed that among the hundreds of small business owners we have trained, that only a small handful, maybe three or four out of every one hundred are making changes and updates on a regular basis.

How We Solve Website Stagnation for Good

middle aged woman in stafford visiting small business websiteThat is why we encourage small businesses to consider our Advanced Support service to handle all of these changes for them. Besides maintaining all the back-end tech, our clients send us the content changes they want and we take care of it for them. It’s as simple as that. This removes the excuses from the equation and ensures that the digital future of your company is in trusted hands. We don’t want to see you build this just to watch it fade away over time. We want your presence to be consistent and ever-changing so it can continue to convert those referrals to paying customers for you. If you call or email us info, we will make the changes for you. Already, we have seen many clients signing up and getting great value out of this service. This is how we maintain your accountability on this very important issue!

Remember Why You Do All This

Whether you need training from our team or are handy at things yourself, you must make these changes to optimize the impact of those warm leads and referrals. Your customers must see that you are current and relevant and are updating FAQ, staff photos, testimonials, etc. on a regular basis. These tasks take commitment to the process, but they pay off in more closed referrals! We can tell you that most of your competitors aren’t putting this much effort into having a relationship-centered website. Building and strengthening relationships through an active Relationship Website is a critical step to increasing your business from word-of-mouth.

If you need a hand or just some advice, Websites for Anything is the Fredericksburg web design agency that can help you achieve these levels of customer interaction and retention.