A 12 Month Agreement

All of our website packages are designed around a twelve-month initial agreement and include Professional Hosting with Secure Site Guarantee and Advanced Support (unlimited content changes and complete back-end maintenance.) You can upgrade at any time, and after the initial 12-month term is up you can cancel at any time too.

Why So Short?

We don’t believe that small businesses can afford to get locked into a long-term contract. Small businesses can change overnight, whether planned or not, and their websites should change with them. We hope that when changes happen in your business that you’ll call us to update the website too. Your business may pivot and you might want to cut back, or it may grow quickly and you might need support in a specific niche we can’t provide as well as some of our colleagues. (If you think that’s happening, please call us for a referral to a trustworthy provider!)

Ultimately, we feel it would be hypocritical of us to try and “lock you in” for any longer time period.

Why So “Long”?

Small businesses always have to watch their cash flow. Twelve months help spread out the costs of designing and building a great website for your micro-business. This has the benefit of allowing you to get a better website, and get it sooner.

Plus, you get a healthier, longer-lasting website thanks to our business class hosting, security, comprehensive technical updates, and unlimited content changes.

Most importantly most of our plans give you a much higher return on your investment thanks to the services we deliver year-round to help you get maximum value from your website over the long run.