Now that you’ve created your monthly calendar and strategy, working with already established daily themes will help you better bucket the content you want to create/share.  You’ll also want to get more accustomed to following social media best practices.

Use a theme for the days of the week

Have you ever noticed that people share motivational quotes on Mondays or silly cartoons on Wednesday? That’s because there are daily themes associated with social media. Before you post however, make sure you know how the theme is being used ie. Thirsty Thursday is not being used for those who are drinking water (mostly) but would be a good theme if you own a sports bar and are looking to offer happy hour specials on Thursdays.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Motivation Monday Tip Tuesday Wacky Wednesday Throw Back Thursday Fun Friday
Manic Monday Transformation Tuesday Way Back Wednesday Thirsty Thursday Fun Fact Friday
Music Monday Wednesday Wisdim Trivia Thursday Flashback Friday

As you are weeding through content, using themes will help you organize it into buckets.  If it’s a tip, it goes in the Tip Tuesday bucket.  If it’s a motivational quote, it goes in the Motivational Monday bucket.  If it’s an ad for your services it goes in the “only 10% of the time” bucket and so on!  Pick one or two daily themes and use them consistently so your audience can come to rely on you.

Social Media Best Practices

Be Consistent

Consistency is really important to establishing your voice on social media.  Your followers come to expect your tips, trivia, events notification etc.,  so if you fail to post a school closing on your local family magazine Facebook page, your fans will let you know or will find somewhere else to get the information.  Customers also use social media to get to know a business better.  If you haven’t posted to social media in 3 months, rather than finding your page to validate a buying decision, a potential customer may think you are no longer in business and shop elsewhere.

Change your posts per platform

Once you build consistency with our monthly and weekly suggestions, your next step is to edit your posts slightly based on the social media platform.  For example, if you are a local education company and you have a blog post you want to share across your social platforms called “5 Tips for Avoiding the Homework Meltdown” the way you draw attention to it may vary.

  • Facebook/ Google+: Local moms stopped pulling their hair out during homework time by doing this (link to article).
  • Twitter: .@FredParent #Moms stop pulling your hair out #tiptuesday 5 Tips to Avoid the Homework Meltdown
  • Pinterest: 5 Tips for Homework time (with graphic)
Share across platforms

Because there are so many motivational quotes already formatted on Pinterest, sharing from your Motivation Monday Pinterest board on Monday’s to your Facebook page will allow your audience to find you across platforms.  This also allows them the opportunity to follow you on the social media site they prefer.  If a great business leadership article crosses your LinkedIn page, don’t be afraid to tweet it, you’d be amazed at the followers you gain from sharing relevant content across platforms- just be mindful of the audience for that platform(see Social Media Blog #1)!

Conversations must be 2 way

While the goal is to set all of this up and forget it, the truth is you can’t.  While you may be able to create a strategy and pre-post you will need to still view your pages daily for engagement and comments.  When your audience comments you must reply to stay relevant.  3-5 minutes per day will allow you to be present without being consumed!

Get Help!

If you can’t be consistent, get help.  We provide affordable Social Media Management so you can work on the things that are more important to you.