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Welcome Antelope Web Clients

Welcome to the Websites For Anything family!

We are super excited to welcome all Antelope Web clients to our Websites For Anything family! We’ll be reaching out to each of you individually in the coming days to get to know you better.

We’d Like To Meet You

We’re eager to meet you! We’ll be reaching out to each Antelope Web Client directly in the coming days. If you like, however, you can use these buttons to find a time that works best for you for a quick chat or a deeper dive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a change on my website?

Please contact Websites For Anything whenever you need something related to your website. Here are 3 ways of doing that:

1: Submit a Ticket at

2: Send an email to

3: Call our office at (540) 376-7008

Will my website or email go down?

No. Websites For Anything has already taken over the servers without a hitch!

What about Greyson & Antelope Web?

Greyson sold Antelope Web to Websites For Anything. As it’s important to Greyson that each of his valued clients experience a smooth transition, he has had a briefing with us on each website. Greyson has shifted his primary focus to a different sales & marketing opportunity, but remains available to our team as a consultant.

What do I need to do?

You will just need to provide us with your payment info before your next payment is due. Greyson is working closely with the our team through this transition to take care of all the other details.

What about my bill?

Your invoice for next year will come directly from Websites For Anything via an email from We accept cards, e-checks, and regular checks.

Who is Websites For Anything?

Established in 2012, Websites For Anything is a small website company, much like Antelope. We design, build, host and support websites for… anything. But our specialty is helping businesses with 1-25 employees get more value out of their websites. We do this with a three-pronged approach: The high converting homepage, the relationship website, and consistent customer outreach. WFA is based in Fredericksburg, a town not far from where Greyson grew up and where his family lives in Virginia.

Who We Are

Josh Walton, President of Websites For Anything

Josh Walton



As a teenager, I was inspired by my aunt and uncle – self-starting, go-getter, small business owners – to pursue that same independence.

My fascination with technology developed well before that, in my early childhood. When I entered the workforce, that interest transitioned into a love for using technology to improve something. To solving real-world problems. Enter: Websites For Anything.

As the business grew, I transitioned again. My coach showed me that we could do better if we pushed beyond just building generic websites, and re-lit the flames of passion for small business. I decided to focus on helping people just like myself and my aunt and uncle: micro-business owners. So we created the Project Roadmap, developed our effective Relationship Website strategy, and we continue to grow!

Let’s Talk More!

We’re eager to meet you! We’ll be reaching out to each Antelope Web Client directly in the coming days. If you like, however, you can use these buttons to find a time that works best for you for a quick chat or a deeper dive.