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Website Analysis

An expert, critical analysis of the state of your website.

Free Website Analsysis covers 57 points over 5 categories

Interested in knowing about how your website stacks up? Our website design experts will conduct a hands-on 57 point inspection of your website, called our Website Analysis. This is not a computer generated report! – It’s the result of our professional team taking a direct and detailed look at your website. We turn our professional, experienced eyes onto your site, seeking to identify what your website does well and where there is room for improvement. In your hand crafted report you will find not just the highlights and the lowlights, but plain-English explanations, advice, and concrete action steps. Your custom Website Analysis will cover five critical areas of a quality website: Design, Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Features, and Usability.

What’s In It For Me?
  • Improve your website > grow your business!
  • Get our professional advice.
  • Clear action steps to guide you.
  • Easy steps first for quick improvement.
  • It’s Free!

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Professional Design
You only get one chance to make a first impression. What does your website say about your company? Are you making a personalized and professional impression? Our design team will take a look at your website with fresh eyes and a nose for marketing.
Valuable Content
Having a high quality website is critical to keeping visitors on your website. To get them there in the first place, you have to have a reason for them to want to read what you have on it. Well written, relevant content is also the first piece of getting a better ranking with the search engines.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Getting well ranked by search engines is a beast of it’s own. But before any real Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be done (or even should be), there are a lot of things that need to be right on the website first. We also look at areas that, even though outside your website, are still factored into how well it ranks and can actually help you move your business up the lists.
Productive Features
There are many important functions that a website can have to make it more engaging for visitors. Done properly, your website can use many of these tools to create an interactive, higher-conversion experience.
Proper Usability
Attention to detail! There are several things that can or should be done to make your website easier to use. Several elements to website usability that aren’t already covered in the previous categories are investigated in this section.

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