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There are no ongoing charges from us for the creation of the website.  However, your website will need to be hosted on a server somewhere. We do offer excellent, premium hosting exclusively to our clients on our incredibly reliable server as an extra service.  You should also consider having us do a Website Tuneup twice a year as it will keep your site up to date and increase its longevity.

So, beyond the up-front price, there are three other costs to consider:

  • Hosting: In order to be available to all your customers on the internet, your website must be hosted on a compatible server. We provide highly secure, business-class hosting with a Secure Site Guarantee! You can find out more about our website hosting. We’ll even give you a discount on your project if you sign up for hosting with us.
  • Website Setup: If you choose to host your website with Websites For Anything, we’ll set up your website and take it live. If you choose another website hosting provider, we can do that too.
  • Ongoing Support: Much like an automobile, your website will benefit from regular maintenance. Regular updates and database maintenance on your website will increase longevity, security, and compatibility. That’s why we offer our Advanced Support service.