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How good is your website ACTUALLY?

Find out...
  • third party ratings shown on website with links
    Establishing trust is absolutely critical to the success of a small business. When a potential customer comes to your website they want to know two things. Can you do what I need done, and can I trust you?
  • website showing multiple core services with icons
    When a potential customer comes to your website they need to know if you can even potentially solve their problem.
  • service area list on website
    For locally-focused micro-businesses, it's easy to forget that just because they came to your website doesn't mean you want to drive to their state and help them!
  • about me picture and bio on website
    As a micro-business, there's no getting around the fact that you have a small team. In fact, you should embrace personal relationships as a competitive advantage against the big guys!
  • why we are different picture and paragraph on website
    To really go far, you've got to stand out from the crowd. You've got to know why your best customers love you and then show it off!
  • several logos and nonprofit involvement descriptions on Fletcher Construction website we designed
    Are you involved with the community or charity causes? Even if it's small, it matters!
  • facebook and twitter feed on website
    If you're doing all this, it's a shame to not give interested leads another easy way to interact or support you.
  • faq list on website
    These are usually sales questions you get from an interested customer.
  • contact and newsletter signup on website
    Do most of the pages of your website guide the customer to some kind of "next step" - whether that's "read more", "signup for our newsletter", "schedule a callback" or something else?
  • big bold phone number on website
    For emergency situation services like a plumber, it starts with a BIG phone number on the top of every page. For the rest of us, it just needs to be easy to find, probably on every page, and be carefully updated if it changes.
  • gray lock near domain in browser
    If someone visits your website, do they see the gray lock icon that indicates a properly implemented, secure connection?
  • mobile friendly version of website
  • full width modern website
    If the website looks old and outdated, that doesn’t make a great first impression on your customers – new or existing!