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One of the challenges we all sometimes face as business and organizational leaders is maintaining a balance between the important areas of our lives. Family, Friends, Work, & Church/Community. It’s important for our own lives that we find ways to regularly connect with and give to our community. Having the attitude and availability to rise up and meet needs is an important character goal for each of us. But as leaders, we must be proactive and organized about every aspect of our lives, even our giving.

Plan Your Contributions

If you want to make sure you balance your life for work, personal, and community, you must start with a plan to make that happen. There are a number of ways to plan this out. For example each quarter Mac Church, a gregarious and hard working mortgage broker in Fredericksburg Virginia participates in a fundraising activity for a differnt charity he believes in.  Or perhaps you can develop a monthly routine volunteering at a local nonprofit. You can also dedicate a percentage of your gross sales or a fundraising special that contributes to a great cause. The goal is to create a simple, manageable plan to consistently contribute.

Ways to Contribute

Mechanically, there are several ways you can actually go about the giving. Start your plan (see above) with 1 simple target and method. Build upon consistency first and soon you can expand into new opportunities!

Volunteer or Participate

Often the first thing people think of is writing a check. But if you don’t have a lot of extra money to give, start by volunteering your time. As you learn about organizations that are helping others, you’ll find that many of them rely heavily on volunteers. Perhaps they have special events or projects that require many hands. But even if there isn’t a collaborative effort coming up soon all it takes is a phone call and most non-profit or charitable organizations around Fredericksburg have many ways you can pitch in!

Financial Contributions

Identify one local cause you support, such as your church or the Fredericksburg homeless shelter and just make a donation. This is an easy way to start! In looking at places to contribute, you’ll begin to identify the causes that speak most to you. And you’ll get to immediately experience the satisfaction and pride that only giving can bring.

Time, Talent, & Team

Another way to contribute to non-profits in Spotsylvania or Stafford that you may not have considered yet is through pro bono work and in-kind donations. Many small businesses and their owners have at their very finger tips the ability to easily meet the unique need of nearby charities and churches. You may think that what you do every day most anyone can do.  But your particular set of skills and experience could help get things done at a higher quality with tremendously improved efficiency. Additionally, many local businesses have access to resources and supplies in a powerful way.  Passing along at cost or less something that meets a need can be a very helpful gift!  Lastly, you can combine both financial and physical contributions by involving your team. Having your team spend some time doing what your company does best, at little or no cost to the cause of your choice, will benefit both them and you a multitude of ways!

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Make A Difference!

Here at Websites For Anything, we are using the ‘Time & Talent’ approach.  Each month we open on the 3rd Saturday and provide free website support for nonprofit organizations near Fredericksburg.  We hope you’ll soon get started with your own plan and experience the unique satisfaction found in giving back to our Fredericksburg area community.

Please take a second to recommend your preferred nonprofit organization below to the rest of our readers, who may be looking for a cause to support!