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April 17th, 2018
11:30am – 1pm
(lunch is included)

Make More Time

As small business owners & operators we are just so VERY busy! We need to get more done and we need more time to do it in! Thankfully there are ways to do this! This presentation will talk about how to get more done and “level up” to the more important work so you can GROW your business and reclaim time with family and friends! We’ll look at outsourcing options and ways to use them in ANY small business to save time. Image having even just 4 more hours a week to do something better with your time!

Speaker: Latrice Claiborne

Latrice Claiborne and her husband are professional wedding photographers in Northern Virginia. In addition Latrice is the CEO of the professional virtual assisting firm Trinity Admin Solutions (www.TrinityAdminSolutions.com). Located here in Fredericksburg, their company provides business support services to small business owners – helping them organize and grow their business.