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Faye of Energized Intentions is a great women with big goals.  She, along with of Julie and Claudette, is trying to help women and men in Fredericksburg live healthier through slight, gradual meal and exercise adjustments.  They’ve created an affordable way for people to gain access to their expertise and energy with the Small Simple Steps Club.  They believe that “taking Small Simple Steps, consistently, in the direction of your goals, is the most effective and lasting way to make those goals a reality…PERMANENTLY!”

Faye came to Websites for Anything after having a very bad experience with a web designer who came up short of expectations.  Naturally she was nervous about taking the leap again but we are so happy she did.  Faye wanted her site to be bright and inviting – a place people would feel comfortable and excited when deciding they need to make a change.  We customized her design with graphics for the 4 steps in the Small Simple Steps Club and chose imagery to inspire healthy living.  After the launch Faye wrote, “I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!!! :)… Thank you for everything!”

For more on how Energized Intentions can help with your weight loss goals, see their website!


Photo of old website design for Energized intentions


Bright and energetic website custom made for a nutrition, wellness, and healthly lifestyle company in Fredericksburg Virginia