“Activity generates sales.” A man worth several more zeros than I once told me that.  I may not want to admit, and you may not like it, but he’s absolutely right.  No sale can happen without activity.  And at the core of it all, the more sales activity you generate, the more sales conversions you will ultimately see.  It’s a simple truth that I suppose all business owners and sales managers must learn at some time or another. There is simply no substitue for actually working.

And by working, I don’t necessarily mean creating your widget. I’m still talking about sales.  If you or I want to see our local businesses grow here in Fredericksburg, the most important step is more sales activity.  So if you want to go from 3.3 website sales per month in 2014 to 5.0 new website designs per month in 2015… well the surest way is to just get out there and work more leads.

The temptation, which I am very guilty of falling to, is to say “I need a big marketing plan”, or “I need a special promotion”, or “I need a list of 100 targets”.  Are you a go-getter, or an excuse maker?  Look I’ve been there myself.  I’m there right now.  And frankly I’m writing this more for me as for you – it’s actually somewhat cathartic!  Sure, a nice little marketing scheme would be great – and it might make you more efficient.  But if you want to grow your Fredericksburg area business in 2015, you just have to start today.

Sales Generating Activity

So set aside 2 hours each of the next 3 days to work on that fancy marketing plan.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  Put it on your calendar and to-do list.  Ok, now remove 1 hour each day.  All done?  Good.  Now block 2 hours each of the next 3 days for sales generating activity.  I mean identifying 10 potential leads tomorrow and sending them each a personal e-mail.  Pull the phone book, select names, locate e-mail addresses, write a personal, 4 sentence introduction, and  send it.  That should take all of an hour.  Thursday you can do cold calls the same way.

Let’s get on this sales generating activity together!   I’m looking forward to growing my businessin Fredericksburg this year, and if I can help you do the same then give me a call.